Saturday, November 12, 2005

Another weekend, another audio book

This week, the audio book is "Built to Last" by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras. The book has been published in 1994, but the audio book is recorded recently in 2004. And that makes it even better than the original book becuse the authors have time to reflect upon their theories and observations.

I find it hard to absorb Jim Collins' another book, Good to Great. Perhaps I am just not very good at reading books =p

I think it's worth pointing out that all the audio books are borrowed from company's library. I think it's critical for my first job to be a positive learning environment. A place provides learning opportunities. I think the place I am working for, is going out of its way to excel on this. There are thousands of webcast on all sort of topics on its intranet, ranging from our core business information, technologies, science and social science. And the library has a vast collection and is easy to use.

Anyways, my recent interests is product design. How you make a product that's not just useful but invokes people's positive emotion, called Emotional Design. I sucked up all the books by Don Norman, hoping to gain some insight on the art of design product people not only use but love.

Gonna read some of those over the weekend, so nothing much to share yet.


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