Saturday, March 18, 2006

The other side of the moon

2:00AM: I think it's time to sleep... but the DVDs for Band of Brothers have been sitting on my desk, and I have all these stuff waiting on my rental queue. Let's just watch 1 DVD before sleeping...

6:00AM: Phew... the war is finally over, and I have found my peace, too. Just sitting on my chair to enjoy the moment of silent.

6:15AM: Geez, it's daylight already! It's been a while since I am awake this time of a day. Wait a minute... It's Saturday! That's the day new Xbox 360 get restocked in the local stores. Hm... maybe it's meant to be the day I get my 360.

6:30AM: Fred Myers people are too busy to tell me if they have any 360 in stock for this morning. Guess there is only one way to find out.

6:45AM: In my car, the engine has just warmed up a little after the short driving. It looks cold outside, the parking lot is empty. I feels like that I am going to school on Sunday. I felt a little stupid.

6:47AM: In front of the door, nobody else is around. Some activities inside the store, getting ready for me paying for the shiny new 360.

6:55AM: Time surely goes slow when you are waiting, in freezing cold. I am playing with my cell phone, looking for things to do. Checking watch, it's been only 1 minutes since I last checked. It sure feels quite a bit longer than that. There are a few cars in the parking lot now, parked but the engines are still running. Are they waiting for their 360, too? They don't seem too eager to line up at the door though.

6:58AM: Door's open, mercy. I think it would be too dramatic if I ran in to grab my 360. There wasn't even anyone else around. I walk into the store. Fast I walked.


"Uh, do you have any Xbox 360 today?"
Guy writing on paper, without moving his eyes from his work, "No"

7:00AM: It would be such a crushing defeat if I just leave the store now. I walked around the store and try to piece my dignity together. I standed in front of 360 accessories and games, looking inside the locked glass showcase.

7:01AM: On my way out, the store has spring to life just as my hope of getting a 360 today was declared dead. Store clerks walking around the shelves, I felt a little uncomfortable. It wasn't meant to be this way, it feels wrong. Walking towards me, an old man, a few shelves down the road, another old ladies, an exciting day has started for them. What kind of people would go shopping at a super store the moment it opens, if not for an Xbox? Life is very different for them, I felt. I have just seen the other side of the moon.


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