Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thought Traffic Jam @ 1:30AM

When you sleep @ 8:00PM, you wake up @ 1:00AM.
When you are awake @ 1:00AM, and been sleeping for 5 hours, all sense of time is lost.
And your brain kinda scrambled like, well, who knows, smashed cream pie?
It's a traffic jam in there, nobody's moving and eveyone is blazing the horn like crazy.
I need a fix.

Eating Haagen-Dazs Light Dutch Chocolate ice cream. It's Light, only 1/2 whatever, so I am not guilty. Finished half pint of it. Don't feel a thing. Ah ... much better.

I stared into nothingness, and let the thought flow:
* Today is fucked up, but tomorrow will be better.
* Going to gym tomorrow, OMG, just kidding.
* Going to work early tomorrow, shooting for 9, have to wake up by 8. 8 is basically a cosmetic number for me. It sounds as far fetched as 10 million annual salary. Anyways, we are always encouraged to make unattanable goals. So go for it.
* Must eat sushi, need a fix by Wednesday.
* My teeth hurts.
* Pay the god damn utility bill and jombo combo of water / sewer / waste.
* Natalie Portman is awesome, must see V for Vendantta. Must watch Natalie Portman.
* Tacohachi was the Japanese curry place I was looking for, schedule Sunday dinner there.
* Saturday is a deep balck hole, must plan something, or life will suck.
* Butterscoth Schnapps, Peach Schnapps are waiting for me
* 2AM is the time to sleep, where is my alarm clock.
* Next in line for Blockbuster, Taken series, Red eyes, and a movie that is not to be named. (....fine, it's Harry Potter).

No one's around on MSN. My source of hapiness is drained. My little world is crumbling down like a sand castle. Press eject button.


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Chia-Chen Su said...

Hey Joe,

Just want to say hi. It's just strange to see that CKEISC membership card. You keep it for 10 years!!! and you even remember my name!!! This is crazy..... well, write me an email if you have time. I can't find your email or maybe I am just too lazy to find it. I am in Idaho now but should move to Boston pretty soon. Good luck!!



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