Saturday, September 02, 2006


今天在家裡癱瘓一天。昨天只是有點輕微疼痛的肩膀,今天早上好像更糟了,稍微動到,左邊肩膀就會一陣劇痛,痛到臉都揪在一起了,一陣一陣大概五秒。不知道是不是抽筋,肌肉好像沒有拉傷,肩膀用力或按摩也不會痛。因為怕引起疼痛,人的動作不自主的變的很慢,也沒辦法出門,吃了點香蕉補充電解質,好像沒什麼用。家裡還有很多 protien shake 可以喝,不過什麼事也不能作,所以睡了一個下午。


想到 long weekend 變成廢人癱瘓再家裡實在令人喪氣,很想出去吃壽司。

Update: Joey 叔叔說我是脖子的問題啦, 還有圖喔... 大概是數字 2 的地方... 希望明天會好點...


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Joe according UR trouble, it is related to acute fibrositis; fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, or chronic fatigue syndrome....etc. If the symptoms develope after a persisted position sound sleep, taking Analgesics or muscle-relexant will do you good. Do a gentle neck movement as if using eyes staring nose-tip,and and nose-tip pointing to the precordial chest.
In order to prevent from its too fequent recurrence, to keep in mind the followings: Try not to over-working, or stressing, back to normal biological clock go-to-bed timing.
Kind regards and suggestions from Simon


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